Frequently Asked Questions

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We’re often credited with launching the i Buyer movement in real estate. We enable our customers to receive a competitive offer on their home and move on their own timeline without listing on the market; no showings and months of uncertainty about when and where you’ll move to next. It’s a simpler, less stressful process.

We will buy your house as-is, period! You don’t need to do any more repairs! Whether your house needs minor cosmetics or is a tear down, we’ll buy it in any condition.

We offer the maximum amount possible, our offers are very competitive. If our offers weren’t competitive, we wouldn’t have purchased thousands of houses! There is no magic percentage we use, every house is unique. Our Real Estate Consultants take into consideration the age, condition, size, features and location of the home much like an appraiser would. We factor in the costs to repair the house, what other homes in the area are selling for and how long it is taking to sell those homes. These and several other factors are researched to determine a fair offer.

We created a model for selling a home, often called iBuying. Sellers who work with WeOffr skip the costly preparation, frequent showings, and months of uncertainty that come with the traditional process. Instead of listing your home on the market and waiting to find a buyer, WeOffr purchases your home from you. You also get to choose your close date to avoid expensive double-moves, double-mortgages and storage units.

No! You have no obligation at all if you submit an information form, show your property to WeOffr or receive an offer to buy your house. You are under no obligation at all. All we ask for is the opportunity to make an offer for your house, you’re in the driver’s seat as to whether you accept the offer or not. You are in complete control. You are only obligated to our service if you have entered into a purchase agreement with us, as with any other real estate transaction

You will work with your dedicated WeOffr advisor to determine the closing date and other conditions, but you will have considerable flexibility to pick a date that works for you. In general, you can close in as little as seven or as many as 90 days after the sale contract is signed.

We have a team of advisors focused on making sure WeOffr is a great experience for sellers. Sellers using WeOffr will have a dedicated WeOffr Advisor who will accompany them throughout the process, answer questions and ensure smooth progress toward closing.

We offer a Late Checkout program that enables you to close your home sale, receive your proceeds, and temporarily rent back your home from WeOffr for up to 30 days.